Jaisalmer Tourist Package

A Journey of a Lifetime with Jaisalmer: Unveiling the Magic of International Travel

Explore Jaisalmer, and Rajasthan's vibrant culture with this great Jaisalmer Tourist Package. See amazing forts, ride camels in the Thar desert, and discover rich history.
Perfect for anyone who loves culture, adventure, and beautiful scenery.

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Immerse Yourself in History:

1.Jaisalmer Fort:

Visit the beautiful Jaisalmer Fort, and move yourself back in time. This attractive sandstone stronghold above the golden Thar Desert breathes tales of past times with its beauty. Take in the beautiful views of the great desert, with our Jaisalmer Tourist Package and enjoy the marvel at the impressive Jain temples.


At the Patwon-Ki-Haveli, a collection of beautifully carved buildings exhibiting the design of the olden age, experience the luxurious life of princes. Admire the beautiful havelis, each a homage to the rich previous of the city, through their beautiful paintings, jali work, and rich gardens.

3.Gadisar Lake:

This man-made wonder, filled with life, provides peace in the middle of the dry desert. Experience the stunning sunset colors that cover the sky with a rainbow of colors while relaxing on the banks, taking an easy boat trip across the shining waters, or viewing colourful birds that fly.

Revel Cultural Gems:

1.Sam Sand Dunes:

At the amazing Sam Sand Dunes, where the golden sands reach as far as the eye can see, enjoy all the excitement of a desert safari. Participate in a thrilling ride on a camel, see the sand dunes become burning red at sunset, and participate in a traditional folk dance and song performance under the lights of the sky.

2.Desert Festival:

Experience the beautiful Desert Festival in February with our Jaisalmer Tourist Package and feel completely involved in Rajasthan's unique cultural tapestry. This amazing festival will leave you in wonder at the beautifully painted camels, vibrant celebrations, energetic folk dances, and attractive performances by musicians.

Local Markets:

The local marketplaces, filled with handmade things, beautiful clothes and delicious spices are a great sensory explosion. Take a piece of Jaisalmer's beautiful culture home, deal with friendly vendors, and find hidden treasures.

Insider Tips:

Best Time to Visit:

From October to March, when the weather is mild and the desert is at its most colorful, is the best time to visit Jaisalmer.

Dress Code:

When attending places of prayer, wear modest clothing that covers your knees and shoulders.


Taxis and rickshaws are easily accessible for travelling across the city. For a more customized experience, think about hiring a local guide.


Jaisalmer has a variety of staying alternatives, ranging from luxurious heritage hotels located within the fort to affordable guest houses. Find one that satisfies both your budget and style.